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About Us

Our Brands - Introducing Amazing Brands to Canada

The Matt Baily boutique was founded on the concept that luxury watches are more then just time-telling machines. We appreciate the mechanics, manufacturing, and rarity of these fantastic ornaments and we realize that the Canadian market has been under-served for many years. Matt Baily is committed to bringing the best up and coming brands to Canadian soil. Being the first authorized Canadian retailer of Bell & Ross and U-Boat watches is proof of this. We also brought Marvin Watch Co. back to North America after a forty year hiatus.

The same approach was taken with our designer jewelry brands, with a focus on fashion, creativity, quality, and value. Once again Matt Baily introduced several amazing jewelry brands to Canada including Rebecca and Calgaro from Italy.

In addition to our brands of fine watches, we offer the possibility of trading-in, and we have always carry a great selection of certified pre-owned pieces.

Our Mission

Matt Baily recognizes the need for a watch store to specialize in young, niche, up and coming brands for Canada. Based on this need, our mission is to bring new watches and jewelry of high quality and desirability. With true knowledge of their product, MB staff can make sure that no customer of ours leaves unhappy with his or her purchase. Our products must conform to the highest quality standards and are at the cusp of today's fashion trends.

Our Passion

Over thirty years of experience has given Matt Baily knowledge vital for buying and selling high-end goods. During that time, Matt's love for designer jewelry and luxury watches grew and culminated in the opening of the Matt Baily boutique. To be a salesperson at the boutique, one must share this passion and it is obvious when speaking to the staff of the Matt Baily store. They are truly knowledgeable about the luxury items they sell. Our cumulative expertise makes for great conversation and service.