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The Rebecca Three-Stone Ring

by Marco 13 December, 2007 View Comments

This past fall saw the arrival of several new designer jewelry brands at Matt Baily. All the pieces that came in, hand picked by Matt, are of the highest quality and with exquisite design. One ring, however, stole the show. The St. Tropez Three-stone ring by Rebecca caught the eye of women from every age group and of varying styles. It's not hard to see why.

The first thing that is noticeable from the Entire St.Tropez collection is the size. Big rings, big stones, big charms. What distinguishes the three-stone ring is that the three stones break up the ring so it looks somewhere between one big ring and three smaller rings.

Their imaginative and very fashionable designs, coupled with a high quality to price ratio, has made Rebecca into an award-winning brand. The pieces are made entirely in Italy, with a large part of the work done by hand. The prices do not reflect this. The St. Tropez Three-Stone Ring is $395, while the line starts at about $55.

For more information on Rebecca jewelry, visit their site, or get see our Rebecca jewelry collections.

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