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Introducing Pianegonda Part 1: The Personality

by Marco 18 December, 2007 View Comments

The Pianegonda brand was started by Franco Pianegonda in 1994 with the help of his sister Maria Luisa and a few other trusted colleagues in Vicenza. Today Pianegonda is present all over the world with boutiques and offices in major cities such as Athens, Miami, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, and numerous others.

One can get a good idea of Franco Pianegonda's personality through the pieces he has created. I imagine him being hard-working and very professional, but at the same time never missing a chance to have some fun. The new Glitter collection has this same balance. The quality of the craftsmanship is very high in traditional Italian style, with full-cut natural diamonds or other precious stones hand-set in a pave fashion. The bold size and design however reflects the current trends, which are big, colourful, and elegant at the same time.

Adding to the unique character of the brand, Pianegonda pieces are showing up on the fingers, necks, wrists, and ears of celebrities. While Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Macy Grey , are already proud owners, not all Pianegonda lovers are musicians. Nancy Grace of CNN has been spotted wearing a marvelous Glitter Love necklace while performing her Headline News broadcast. Franco Pianegonda says he creates his jewels to give pleasure to its owners. In my opinion, this is the reason for the incredible success of the Pianegonda jewelry.

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