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Circle of Life

by Marco 23 January, 2008 View Comments

The circle is one of nature's most pleasing shapes. Take this perfectly balanced form, re-create it in a precious metal, adorn it with beautifully gleaming diamonds, and you got yourself the classic Circle of Life pendant.

Traditionally the Circle of Life pendant is worn as an elegant accessory with an evening gown or a stylish black dress. Just recently, however, I noticed this style of jewelry worn with a suit. The first instance occured during last Friday night's edition of The National on CBC. The anchor was sporting a Circle of Life Pendant throughout the broadcast. The second was in an episode of 30 Rock, where Sherri Shepherd, who plays Angie on the show was also wearing the pendant. The pendant looks great in a professional setting, because it is simple and delicate.

Matt Baily's Circle of Life pendant is versatile and beautiful, but what makes it a classic is that it also carries meaning. The notion that our lives are part of a massive equilibrium that sustains the entire planet. If you can connect with your jewelry on more then just an aesthetic level, then you will enjoy wearing it even more.

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