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What About Pre-Owned Watches?

by Marco 8 February, 2008 View Comments

It's not possible to trade-in a suit. Cars gain mileage, which continuously depreciates their resale value. Electronic devices become obsolete. A watch is one of the very few luxury items that will work just as well, and can be worth just as much when it is pre-owned as when it is new.

Take into consideration the large amount of vintage watches that have survived the decades and even the centuries. This is because watches are made using very durable materials and their mechanical movements are composed of simple, sturdy parts that have not substantially changed for hundreds of years. With minimal maintenance, a quality mechanical watch will outlast us all.

The other great thing about preowned watches is their value. Because of inflation and ever-growing retail prices, your mechanical watch will eventually be worth what you originally paid for it. Take a look at the prices of used Rolex watches for example, and then compare them to the retail price of Rolex watches from ten years ago. You will notice that many are worth more now. Inversely, when purchasing contemporary pre-owned watches, you are paying somewhat less for the same quality.

Matt Baily has been offering pre-owned watches for decades now, and with them, the opportunity to trade-in your watch towards the new one that you really want. Furthermore, because our watchmakers are able to bring virtually any watch back to its original condition, we can offer a one-year warranty with all our used watches.

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