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Review: U-Boat Flightdeck CAB W PVD Chronograph

by Marco 28 February, 2008 View Comments

Throughout the three years that we have had U-Boat watches, they have grown from fashion, quartz watches to well-built luxury watches with mechanical Swiss movements. Amongst the most recent models is the Flightdeck CAB W. It runs on the infamous Valjoux (ETA) caliber 7750, and is encased in a 50mm case, blackened by PVD treatment, and fitted with a sapphire crystal.

u-boat flightdeck cab w pvd chronograph

The case is well machined. It has sharp angles, and is finished entirely with sand blasting. The black PVD coating is perfectly homogenous, which is a sign that the layer of black metal is thick and applied with care. Another nice feature are the screwed-down-pins that secure the strap to the case. No chance of the strap coming off regardless of impact strength.

By far the most recognizable feature of the case, however, is the crown protector. You can basically drop the watch from your wrist, and the crown would never even feel an impact. Ironically, the cap protects one of the most solid crown systems used by any brand. No matter what position the crown is in, it feels rock solid.

The dial is basically the standard Flightdeck chronograph dial, but with a white galvanized finish, and black numbers. A small set back is that it does not glow in the dark. However convenient luminescent markers are, this is the type of watch that you want people to see, so most people will not wear it in dark places.

u-boat flightdeck cab w pvd chronograph

Then there is the white alligator strap, which rivals some of the best Italian shoes in quality. The 24mm wide strap is at least 5mm thick, so it continues the beefy look of the case, and is perforated for a stylish twist. The strap is also made in Italy.

The Flightdeck CAB W is amongst the most fashionable watches on the market. But more importantly it is well built (i.e durable, rated to 100m water resistance, sapphire crystal), carefully finished, and runs on a high-end and rugged Swiss movement that is used by watches that are double or more in price. For someone that wants all of these characteristics for his watch, it is the perfect match.

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