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Bell and Ross Up to Their Usual Pre-Basel Antics

by Marco 28 March, 2008 View Comments

As they did last year with the release of the BR-01 Tourbillon, Bell & Ross is slowly unveiling the newest of their highly complicated pieces. They are doing so on the official BR site with a puzzle-like picture that is getting closer to completion as we near the beginning of Baselworld 2008 where the watch will be officially unveiled.

Although only part of the watch is visible right now, it is enough to get saliva glands excited. We are sure that on April 3rd, we will not be disappointed.

Scrounging for clues on this limited unveiling, I can guess at what this watch will feature. The case is not square as in the other instruments, but rectangular. It is in rose gold. A power reserve indicator tells me that this watch will probably have an elongated power reserve like the five-day reserve of the Tourb. It also looks like there is an oversized subsidiary seconds dial on the left of the dial. Its safe to say it will look amazing.

The most intriguing aspect of the watch is the button or slider on the left side of the case. This looks very similar to what you would see on a repeater watch, which actually chimes the time. This complication has to be one of the most beautiful materializations of high-end horology. It will chime the hours, quarter hours, and sometimes minutes of the time using different tones or rhythms for each unit. No need for luminous hands and markers on repeater watches.

Keep checking bellross.com, as every day new squares will be revealed. If this masterpiece is not enough, rest easy. We have been informed by the company that the Instrument lineup will grow substantially this year, and will include several new limited editions. We say to them: keep them coming.

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