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Bell and Ross Pre-Basel Unveiling Unveiled

by Marco 29 March, 2008 View Comments

Bell & Ross has released details on their newest Instrument and it has been reported on Timezone. There will be two models shown at Baselworld in the new rectangular shape. One will be the tourbillon Minuteur in rose gold, and the other will be a titanium model that will feature the ultra-hard diamond like coating (DLC). I have even heard reports from a customer that spotted the actual watch in Paris on the a shop-owner's wrist. The watch looks so good he called us upon returning to Montreal to ask about it.

The Minuteur's specialty is a flyback chronograph, which seems to be graduated in seconds, minutes, and 10ths of hours. Because Bell and Ross are mentioning that this watch is geared towards professionals, my guess is that the purpose of this display is to provide time intervals in real numbers; 1.5 hours instead of one hour and thirty minutes. A lawyer, or consultant for instance, can therefore easily measure billable hours for multiple, consecutive instances.

Other features of the Minuteurs will include a tourbillon in the gold model, a three-day power reserve, exhibition sapphire back, and desk-stand possibilities.

Many more models are expected to be released in Basel. From what we hear from the company there will be over a dozen brand new models to be anticipated.

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