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Bell and Ross BR-02 Instrument in the Stratosphere

by Marco 22 May, 2008 View Comments

Bell & Ross have always upheld their promise to build watches fit for professionals. Continuously they have proved their worth by supplying some of the most demanding professionals in France. Air Force pilots to bomb disposal experts have been dedicated and have used a B & R timepiece. Now to demonstrate how durable and versatile the new BR 02 Instruments are, Bell & Ross are sponsoring an amazing endeavor that pits a human and a watch against possibly the harshest environmental conditions ever.

At the first opportunity available between May 24 and 28, Michel Fournier will be lifted via balloon to the stratospheric height of 40 km above Saskatchewan, where he will be released and free-fall back down. He will beat multiple world records including altitude records for a skydive and for balloon flight. Because so much of Fournier's freefall will take place in the stratosphere, where there is very little air resistance and almost no weather activity, he will be the first skydiver to break the sound barrier and will therefore hold the world record for fastest skydive.

During his attempt, Fournier will be wearing the BR-02 Instrument, as it boasts above-par resistance to atmospheric pressure, and temperature changes. This is more then just a marketing stunt on Bell & Ross' part. When we look at the numbers, it is evident that this is an opportunity to test the BR 02 in the extreme conditions it was built to withstand. The stratosphere is defined by being the only part of the atmosphere where temperature actually rises with height. The skydiver and the watch will therefore experience temperatures close to 0°C down through temperatures of about -60°C and back to Saskatchewan spring weather. Pressure changes are immense too, putting abnormal and radical stresses on the BR-02.

This event is definitely worth following. You can find out more in our news section, or go to the official event site at www.legrandsaut.org.

bell and ross altitude chart

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