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Orbita Watch Winders for Collections of Every Size

by Marco 30 May, 2008 View Comments

A collector with dozens or hundreds of high-end watches wants to keep all the pieces optimally wound, because many will not be worn for days to months at a time. They should also be displayed in a beautiful way, as the pieces themselves are tiny works of mechanical art, and are often very valuable.

Orbita Corporation has already responded to this need with the Bergamo 40. It is a beautifully crafted, Italian made cabinet, which conceals 40 independently programmable winding modules that rise out of its back. Like all Orbita winders, the motors function very quietly so the cabinet can be placed anywhere in the home.

If 40 spaces are not enough, Orbita's newest concept will suit the purpose. The company's founder, Chuck Agnoff, wanted to create a new winder for large collections. He engaged Italian furniture designer Gabriella Rossi and received input from some big collectors, and spawned the Rossi System. The system is modular. It is made up of impeccably crafted wood sections that can house watchwinders, manual-winding watches, books, and more. For watch enthusiasts that have a space consecrated to their collection, this is the perfect way to store numerous watches and be able to make new space for future additions.

For those who want to customize even more, the company also supplies 'stock' winder mechanisms that can be fitted to your own furniture or safe. Visit our Bergamo collection and Rossi System sections for more information.

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