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The F1 Grand Prix Gets the Festivities Started

by Marco 5 June, 2008 View Comments

Montreal is a well known summer destination for travelers from around the world. It is because the city offers a fantastic array of festivals and activities for visitors to enjoy. This weekend the parties kicked off with the advent of the F1 Montreal Grand Prix. Starting on Thursday, at least four principal Downtown streets have been closed to traffic to allow pedestrians to enjoy a plethora of activities.

Car enthusiasts are often also lovers of mechanical watches. Both of these items are incredibly complex and functional art. For this reason, the Grand Prix weekend is a great chance for us to meet collectors and to educate curious passers-by. Often we will get glimpses at some extraordinary watches on the wrists of visitors. The Azimuth Gauge Chrono or the Ferrari Fer0001 are perfect examples of how motor-sports and luxury watch-making go hand-in-hand.

As the summer progresses, the world renowned 'Festival International de Jazz de Montreal,' the biggest of its kind, will bring hundreds of world-class musicians to the city. Other happenings include the Just-For-Laughs comedy Festival, several international film festivals, and NASCAR.

There is a reason for anyone to come to Montreal during the summer. For information on events contact us via phone or email.

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