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Review: Roger Dubuis Easy Diver S.A.W 46mm

by Marco 6 June, 2008 View Comments

What Roger Dubuis has done in its relatively young existence, is to position itself amongst the industry's oldest, most luxurious, and best known manufacturers. Since the company was founded in 1995, it has been braking the mold that companies like Patek Philippe had implanted for super-high end watches. Roger Dubuis founder Carlos Dias' fixation with quality, functionality, and style is well represented by the S.A.W (Sport Activity Watch) collection.

The Easy Diver is a staple in the S.A.W series. The look of the watch is an infinite array of immaculately crafted details that are present on every facet of the watch. All the engravings are deep, with extremely defined edges and making use of multiple finishing styles. The bezel, crown, and case back look like they have been sculpted in marble by a student of the Classical period. The case back is especially intricate with multiple layers of embossed patterns. The case is accented with sporty carbon fiber inserts that juxtapose the elegant finishing process.

The manufacturing quality is apparent when considering the 300m water resistance rating, and the way all the parts fit together seamlessly. Using the watch reveals much more. The crown of any watch is a great indication of quality. On the Easy Diver the crown feels like it has a tight grip on the case even when it is unscrewed. When screwing it back in, only very slight pressure is needed. This is evidence of the precision of manufacturing.

The Roger Dubuis Caliber 57, 25 jewel, in-house movement is a masterpiece. The finish is impeccable, displaying cote de Genève and perlage as well as a solid gold insert in the rotor. Beautiful details like the gold-lined Geneva Seal and swan-neck regulator emerge upon closer inspection.

If one had to use one word to describe the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver S.A.W 46mm, it would be 'rich.' This is because the Easy Diver looks rich, feels rich, and will hold its own against any other sport luxury watch in the world.

Roger Dubuis SAW - right

Roger Dubuis SAW - back

Roger Dubuis SAW - wrist

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