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Calgaro: Innovator in Beauty

by Marco 29 June, 2008 View Comments

Jewelry should be unique as well as fashionable to reflect the individuality of its owner. Calgaro is a jewelry company that understands this. They provide beautiful pieces that showcase the company's ability to manufacture silver and gold in unusual ways. Calgaro is the only manufacturer that can weave minute wires into comfortable, beautiful fabric. This unique material is present in many of their fine jewels.

This summer, the Bohemian look will be very fashionable in jewelry. Calgaro has created several collections in silver that reflect the trend. Organic forms and charm-like adornments characterize this style. The Belle Epoque collection showcases a natural feel by incorporating sculpted silver elements with natural stones and mother of pearl. The Boheme collection presents a dazzling array of cabochons of different materials that are linked by magnificent styles of chains. The Fusion Deco collection is composed of Calgaro's patented silver fabric, bold tiger's eye, and other banded stones. These Italian silver jewels will complement the magic of festive summer nights.

Several 18K gold collections were also unveiled. Mini Diva offers a miniaturized version of the original Diva style. The Soleil and Perfect collections are based on organic, asymmetrical shapes and edges that incorporate diamonds, coloured gems, and 18K gold.

Contact us for more information and pictures on the new Calgaro pieces.


Here is a caption for the picture: From left to right: Belle Epoque ring, Boheme extra wide bracelet, Fusion Deco necklace.

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