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Why a pre-owned watch is not used

by Dino 2 July, 2008 View Comments

There is a large market for pre-owned or used watches. Some people think of a used watch as something that is dirty or has bad Karma. While this could be hard psychologically for some people, and would be impossible to sway, a pre-owned watch could be a great way to get that watch that you find unreachable financially. Sure someone owned it before you, but a pre-owned watch sold from a reputable dealer whom you can trust, usually goes through a process of making it new again, and offer a warranty just like buying a new piece.

We always send our watches out for a complete service and polish, along with changing the strap, crystal, crown or anything else that has worn down through regular use. This process usually entails a full revision on the movement, which means completely taking apart the watch movement, cleaning it, and lubricating the parts. Then all the seals and rubber gaskets are replaced to ensure they are leak free. Once it is re-assembled it is tested for accuracy as well as water resistance and regulated so that it functions properly.

Polishing is an art in itself, and makes the case and bracelets virtually new, eliminating any dirt, scratches or DNA that the previous owner left behind. A pre-owned watch is a great way to save money and receive an excellent value in return, with the prices of high end watches constantly on the rise.

The end result is that it is not like a car with high mileage on it, a watch that is maintained and serviced properly will out live us all. Virtually new in everyway except that somehow you have to get over the fact that someone did wear your watch before you owned it.

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