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How to buy a watch

by Dino 28 July, 2008 View Comments

Being a watch salesman, we go through all sorts of people with their questions and opinions on what sort of watch to buy. There are a lot of factors involved, and it's very hard to tell you what to buy. Whether it is an investment grade piece, or just something that you saw in a magazine or on some celebrity's wrist. Choosing a Brand or Model can and should be a fun experience.

First thing to consider would be budget. There is a very wide variety of prices out there, so setting a budget makes selection that much easier.

Next thing to consider would be style. Sporty or dressy, do you need a watch that is waterproof, durable, or just something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I find the biggest factor should be is to purchase something that turns you on. Buying a watch that you're iffy or not sure about could give you a severe case of buyer's remorse.

The watch should jump out at you, and thrill you to no end, or for the less passionate make you feel good about wearing it. There are so many styles and brands out there that can please anyone's taste and desire, and with the convenience of the Internet, there is an abundance of information to feed that obsession.

Overall it should be an enjoyable quest, you know how it is, the chase is usually more exciting than the catch. Believe me, when you see someone who purchases the right piece, you can see it in there eyes, they have fallen in love all over again.

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