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Mainstream is on its way out!

by Dino 13 September, 2008 View Comments

As the high-end market continues to flourish in these economic hard times, the watch trend is really going towards people wanting to wear something no one else has. The days of wearing a Rolex has been termed as a Texas Timex. In the past it seemed like as soon as you made a little success for yourself, one of the first thing you did is go out and get a Rolex. Although Rolex, Breitling and Cartier will always own a huge chunk of the market, Bell & Ross, Corum, U-Boat are creeping up and becoming in demand.

There is an ever growing stream of customers that come in and say they are tired of Rolex, they want to wear something that is out there, a conversation piece. As celebrities are becoming more visible with reality shows and celebrity sites and blogs popping up all over the Internet and television, they are sporting timepieces that need a second look to catch what they are wearing. That is the trend that seems to be going on at this time. Whether it be Sylvester Stallone wearing a U-Boat, World Series of Poker star Daniel Negreanu sporting a Corum Admirals Cup 48 Competition, or Bruce Springsteen flashing a Bell & Ross 126 XL. Going astray from the mainstream seems to be where its at.

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