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Are you buying from an Authorized dealer

by Dino 25 September, 2008 View Comments

Internet sales are definitely on the rise. If you Google a watch company, you will get pages of sites offering watches. Here's a little lesson in online shopping.

A lot of sites on the Internet offer watches shipped quickly and usually at a discounted price. Be aware, a lot of these sites are not authorized of the watch brands they are selling. They are middle men, that can source a watch through various watch shows around the country. These watches can come with an in-house warranty, meaning they are not warranted through the actual companies that manufacture the timepieces. This means any International warranty that came with it is now void.

Being authorized dealers of such brands as Bell & Ross, U-Boat, Corum, we know how hard it is to get the watches. They are all limited production and are constantly on back order. The sites claiming to have them in stock, could be luring you in for a surprise. Authorized dealers have invested and are committed to the brands they carry, and offer all the service and warranty that comes from the manufacturers.

If you're interested in purchasing a watch online. I would suggest calling the company and asking if they are authorized of the brand, and if they have the actual model in stock. If they do not, this means the watch although new, will be purchased on the grey market, which completely voids any factory warranty given from the companies.

Its something to think about, as the price may be tempting, there could be problems and become costly in the long run.

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