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Fall 2008 Jewelry Fashion Trends

by Marco 1 October, 2008 View Comments

As a guy, I may not have the best understanding about fashion trends, but I do know jewelry. I also know which pieces look good on the wrists and necks of our customers. Combine hot jewelry with seasonal colours and you got this fall's trends.

Pink gold is the perfect metal for this time of year. It has a warm pinkish brown hue and is more eye-catching then the more subtle yellow or white gold alloys. Rebecca offers many collections that are made in Italy with rose gold plated bronze. The Tennis bracelet is adorned with citrine and is a beautiful modern twist on the traditional tennis bracelet. It can be worn casually with jeans and a shirt or a even a more dressed up look.

Pearls have always been a fall classic. Pianegonda offers them in their new Life collection. The silver Life necklace is made of thick silver chain that would mirror the soft thickness of a wool fitted jacket. The pearls are surrounded by silver and also 18 karat gold elements.

Calgaro's new gold collection is, as its name implies, Perfect. The Perfect collection carries over the comfort and softness that you would expect from a summer styles, but with the colours of the fall. The bracelets and necklaces are made in Italy of 18 karat rose gold, diamonds, and organic shaped faceted amethyst.

Whatever you decide to wear on your wrists to your ear-lobes this fall, there are two simple rules I can think of to keep you fashionable. Keep within the fall colours, and make sure to choose fun jewelry that you will enjoy wearing.

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Fall 2008 Jewelry Fashion Trends

Fall 2008 Jewelry Fashion Trends

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