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Human Rights on Jewelry - DeMaria Italy Makes Socially Responsible Jewelry

by Marco 2 December, 2008 View Comments

In the past, a lot of talk and controversy has taken place about the ethics of the jewelry industry. From the sale of diamonds that helped fund brutal military activity, to the destruction of natural habitats in order to mine precious metals and stones. Finally in the past several years, our society has started to care enough about these issues that it has actually become profitable for jewelry and watch companies to adopt more eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing methods.

DeMaria is an Italian jewellery company that has partnered with Amnesty International to bring a beautiful collection highlighting the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The sales of the Human Rights pieces benefit Amnesty International and their humanitarian work. The jewelry is made in Italy out of silver and each piece is inscribed with an excerpt from the Declaration of Human Rights.

The rings are beautiful and will surely inspire people to ask questions. The owner of these pieces is not only contributing financially to the cause, but also spreading knowledge about Amnesty International's work.

Visit DeMaria's website for more information, and keep an eye on MattBaily.ca. We will soon add this new brand to our site. Visit Amnesty International's website for more information about their cause.

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