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Orbita Winders On a Quest for Longest Battery Life

by Marco 9 February, 2009 View Comments

Corporation is always working on ways to improve their products. The popular line of Sparta winders is specialized at getting the most out of two D cell batteries. Over the counter alkaline batteries last an average of two years as the Swiss-made motors of the Sparta winders are programmed to engage for only a few seconds every ten or fifteen minutes. The winder only pushes the watch-holding cup one half of a turn and lets gravity do the rest of the. Now Orbita offers an even longer lasting battery solution with the use of new non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries offer the "highest energy capability of any known battery," but have only been suitable for very specific uses as they output a very low current flow. Because the mechanisms used in the Sparta winders are very efficient, they need very little current to function, and therefore a few ingenious modifications were enough to give the Sparta winders lithium battery capabilities.

Orbita' s new configuration allows them to guarantee a minimum battery life of five years. When the battery does run out of power, new batteries can be purchased from Orbita and its network of retailers.

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