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I Have a Small Wrist

by Marco 4 May, 2009 View Comments

I hear these words from about 70% of the men that come into Matt Baily to try on watches. This is a misperception, as most of these men actually have an average size wrist. A few even have some pretty large wrists. Perhaps a pamphlet should be created to put wrist sizes in perspective. The only source I could find for data is from Statistics Canada, which states that the average diameter of a 19 year old man is just over 6.5 inches. I estimate that about 60% of all men's wrists that I see in the store are between 6 3/4 and 7 1/4 inches.

Because of the idea of having a small wrist, many watch lovers are reluctant to try on larger, more contemporary styles. All these men would gain from trying on some watches that they like but that they perceive as too big. I base this theory on a few things. Many people that are initially put off by the size of a larger watch but try it on anyway, will often purchase that watch. About one quarter of people that choose to buy the smaller of two similar watch models -- like the Bell & Ross BR-03-94 instead of the BR-01-94 or the U-Boat Classico 45 instead of Classico 53 -- will return after a few months to purchase the larger model. The size of the average watch that we sell has gone up in the past five years from about 40-42mm to about 44-46mm. Finally, almost everyone that purchases a watch will choose a model that is bigger then or the same size as the previous one they owned.

Size seems to always be one of the first criteria that is examined when choosing a new watch, but in reality it is one of many that determine how much you will enjoy wearing it. I would venture to say that the size aspect is of lesser importance than the style (sporty, elegant, and everything in between), colour, shape, and materials used. By finding the watch that balances all these aspects to your preference, you may find that a large watch would suit your AVERAGE wrist size better then a smaller one.

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