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Review of New U-Boat Straps

by Marco 28 July, 2009 View Comments

Straps on the U-Boat Classico Series Suddenly Improved

The most recent U-Boat watches to arrive at Matt Baily were fitted with the new version of the Classico Straps. Many aspects of the straps have improved.

The most important improvement is the construction of the strap. The leather used for the body is still very thick, but it is a lot softer and supple then its predecessor. This means that the straps of a new watch will take a lot less 'breaking in' then before.

The lining on the underside of the strap has also improved. Its now made with a very soft and lightly tanned Italian leather. The Classico straps are now stamped with the phrase 'Hand Crafted in Italy.'

An other very important improvement can be found at the buckle with the new push-button-operated, deployante folding clasp. Although this clasp was released a few months ago, it had problems. Those problems have been resolved, and the new clasps are sturdy and convenient.

The only thing that I will miss about the old straps is the engraved plate at 6 o'clock. Because I have come to love the traditional curved plate, the new flat one strikes me as cold and industrial.

The new straps are now available on all Classico models and for sale on their own.

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