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Scott Kay Jeweller and Visionary

by Marco 28 July, 2009 View Comments

Now that Matt Baily will be carrying Scott Kay's line of man's jewelry, I have had the opportunity to learn a little more about the man and his company.

Scott Kay is definitely a great innovator in the jewelry business. Originally his claim to fame occurred when he predicted or created the popularity of platinum as a metal used for jewelry. During the 1980s, when platinum was rarely being used for jewelry, Mr. Kay became the metal's biggest advocate. Although new in the industry, and with many of his peers insisting that platinum was too expensive and unpopular, the young jeweller persevered and was instrumental in platinum's new rise to popularity. Since then Scott Kay innovated new forms of gold such as his popular 19 karat gold. He is now creating jewelry using platinum's little brother, palladium.

It seems to me that Scott Kay never contemplated bending his will or his vision. He was the first to advertise bridal jewelry, and a pioneer in the lifestyle method of advertising. No models or celebrities are hired when producing Scott Kay ads. Instead, actors are cast so that they may capture specific emotions.

Scott Kay's production process negates the current industry trend of computerization. At no stage of production is computerized design such as CAD use. As a matter of fact, no computers are allowed in the design departments. Much of the work from conception to finish is done by hand. This is evident from the company's PR material as well as from the feel and look of the jewellery

Going against the grain seems to suit Mr. Kay. He is often pictured in casual clothes and situations. You can also find him at jewelry shows smashing rings with sledge hammers.

Scott Kay jewelry will be available at Matt Baily at the end of August. Visit the official site for more information on the brand.

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