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Watches are Meant to be Worn

by Marco 11 August, 2009 View Comments

It may sound pretty obvious, but I sometimes have to tell this to my customers. A luxury watch purchased at Matt Baily is of extremely high quality, but because of the price of the purchase, people are sometimes hesitant to wear their timepiece on a daily basis or in rugged situations. This is not the case for those who think like me, that a watch should be used for the purposes it was designed for.

My Anonimo Cronoscopio is built to withstand certain professional stresses such as impact shock and exposure to water. I therefore have no qualms about taking it into the water or up a mountain. The side effect of this style of usage is what stops many people from getting the most out of their timepieces. Scratches on the case of my watch are numerous.

Last weekend, in the Alpine St-Bernard Region of Switzerland, I took my Cronoscopio a ways up the Mont Dolent. Although we only went about one quarter of the way up to the highest peak, we still encountered a few treacherous alpine moments (treacherous for a first-time climber). My watch now has several new scratches and dings, but it also slightly increased in sentimental value.

As can be seen in our pre-owned watch collection, all these signs of wear can be remedied when it comes time to service your watch. Polishing your watch can make it look as it did when it was new. Although I am looking forward to having my watch restored to its original state eventually, I will somewhat miss all the marks that I have accumulated and come to know like mini constellations.

Scraping against the sides of this rocky clearing is where my Anonimo received the most abuse

2,200 meters. Highest point on Mont Dolent is 3,800m. Maybe next time!

Image at the top to the right: An other side effect of wearing a watch all the time is a watch tan line.

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