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Bell & Ross BR-S White Ceramic Gold VS. Chanel J12 ref. H2180

by Marco 13 August, 2009 View Comments

Bell & Ross BR-S White Ceramic Gold VS. Chanel J12 ref. H2180

In the past year, the usage of ceramic has been greatly popularized by brands such as Chanel, Hublot, and Bell & Ross. Although its benefits were known to the watch world for many years, it is only recently that the general, watch-loving public has become appreciative of the material's qualities. Chanel has offered the J12 ceramic watch for many years now. Bell & Ross, while comparably a newcomer to the ceramic game, have slightly preceded the boom with the production of the BR-03 Ceramic. I have chosen to compare two popular models from Chanel and Bell And Ross in order to highlight the advantages and allure of ceramic on watches.

The two watches I will compare are the Chanel J12 reference # H2180 and the Bell & Ross BR-S White Ceramic Gold, both of which are constructed using white ceramic and 18 karat pink gold. Other similarities include that both are equipped with a Swiss quartz movement and a sapphire crystal. The price range is also similar with the BR-S being roughly 10% less expensive.

The major difference between the watches is the shape. While the J12 offers a very traditional tonneau shaped case and round bezel, the BR-S reflects the square cases of its older brothers, the BR-01 and BR-03. The square "Instruments" are very popular, but still remain unique while the J12 case is mimicked by many brands. On paper the size of the cases is also similar. The J12 is 38mm wide while the Bell & Ross is only one millimeter wider. However, the square shape gives the illusion that the BR-S is much larger, while maintaining a comfortable feel thanks to a lower profile then the J12.

White ceramic is one of the most durable and beautiful materials that can be fashioned into a watch case and the solid pink gold elements of the J12 and BR-S add glamourous highlights. When choosing between one or the other, the choice will probably come down to the shape of the case. One can be square, which contrary to past cultural references, is now cool, or a traditional circle.

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