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Review: Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim 43mm

by Marco 14 August, 2009 View Comments

The Perfect Watch For First-Time Buyers and Long-time Aficionados Alike

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim collection hit the shelves about three months ago and has only received positive comments from our clients. This is for good reason. As you handle the watch and try it on it is evident that the Slim captures today's watch trends perfectly. This is thanks to its tasteful, clean design, its contemporary 43mm width, a low profile, and amazing value.

As the name of the collection suggests, the most important part of this watch is the slim case. What I love about the slim case though is that its width is relatively wide at 43mm. This creates an understated, elegant look that is hard not to like it. On the wrist the comfort level is high thanks in part to the curved lugs and the rounded case back. The watch is also pretty light considering the width of its face.

The face is a classic. Slender alpha hands and applied markers are pages torn out from the book of watch design of the sixties. Very little writing and a lot of undecorated surface keep the style of the Slim very clean. The time is extremely fast and easy to read, perhaps even from across the room.

Another new feature available with the Slim watches, is Hamilton's new metal mesh bracelet. The bracelet adds a little weight to the watch, but because it breathes, and is easily adjustable, you can wear it a little tighter then you would normally wear a metal bracelet. This will hold the watch from rotating and your wrist and improve comfort. The mesh band, while perpetuating the vintage style of the Slim, also adds some sportiness to its look.

As most mechanical Hamilton watches, the Slim offers a view of the movement through its see-through back. The rotor of the 2892-2 automatic ETA calibre is engraved with the Hamilton logo.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim 43 is a perfect all around watch. The classic styling is timeless and can be worn with the full spectrum of clothing styles. The quality vs. price ratio is, as always with Hamilton, unbeatable. The Slim bridges the gap between the new generation of large watch lovers, and those who never stopped loving the simple and elegant styles of the sixties.

Please contact us for more information or to purchase the Jazzmaster Slim.

Back of the Slim 43

3/4 view of the Slim 43

The Slim 43 on Dino's wrist

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