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Very Limited U-Boat U-1942

by Marco 17 August, 2009 View Comments

U-Boat watches having enjoyed some success in the past year, are showing it with the introduction of an extremely limited super-watch that is sure to turn heads. The U-1942 will be the largest watch available on the market with a diameter of 65mm and a production of only twenty-nine pieces.

There are plenty of special features on this watch, but the most notable is its size. The width of the case is 64,4mm without measuring the specialized crown mechanism. A thickness of over 18mm looks almost thin when combined with the width of the U-1942. Also impressive is a water resistance rating of 400 meters, thanks in part to a crystal that measures 7,2mm in thickness at the center.

As the original idea for this watch was designed for use by the Italian Navy by Italo Fontana's grandfather in the 1940s, many aspects are significant of that era. The crown - as always on the left - was likely designed to be easily handled by Navy pilots, who in the 1940s wore heavy gloves. The size itself catered to that era's notion that improving a watch's legibility meant a large face with a lot of luminous material to be visible in any light condition and at a quick glance.

To keep the weight of this giant manageable, Italo Fontana decided to build the case using high-grade titanium, which is 45% lighter then steel.

Side view of the new U-1942

Original 1942 Concept by Ilvo Fontana

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