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Elegant Gold Watches Are Back... Well They Never Actually Left

by Marco 27 August, 2009 View Comments

I have a theory that the average size of watches will not go back to the smaller diameters of five to ten years ago. Psychologically it is easier to get used to a larger watch then changing for a smaller one. For this reason we have become accustomed as a society to the current average diameter, which I estimate to be 44mm. However true my theory may or may not be, there is one category of watch that will always defy it. The elegant, gold watch has proven itself to be timeless with its recent resurgence in the catalogues of modern brands.

First lets take the classic example of elegance in watches that is Patek Philippe. The manufacturer is definitely the most prestigious brand name in the world. They offer timepieces of which the much greater number is manufactured using precious metals. The largest wrist watch they produce is probably not much wider then 43mm, but most of their pieces hover around the 40mm mark. I don't think that anyone can propose that Patek Philippe watches will one day fall out of favour with watch lovers around the globe. Far from losing ground to larger, sportier watches, Patek is foreseeing an increase in sales this year over last.

Looking at more modern brands, the staying power of elegant gold watches is also evident. Bell & Ross is one of the major players in the popularization of large sporty watches. Even they have come to the conclusion that a tuxedo demands an elegant timepiece. The BR-S Gold collection offers an elegant model based on the popular, square case of the "Instruments." The cases are narrower - 38mm instead of 42 or 46mm - and especially thinner - 7mm instead of 10 to 17mm. Unlike other gold versions of sporty watches, and although it is based on the shape and idea of the sporty BR-01 and BR-03s, the BR-S Gold watches really capture an elegant style that is now and will always be in demand.

Since the eighties, stainless steel sport watches have become extremely popular. Their size also increased as people changed the way they envisioned that which constitutes a high-end watch. Gold watches in the meantime lost their monopoly of the high-end market and changed from glamorous status symbols to subtle objects of elegance. Now newer brands that did not exist during the heyday of the gold watch are realizing what the older companies already know. This is that elegance will always be in style and will always have its place in the wardrobes of discerning consumers.

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