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Matt Baily Watches and Jewelry on Facebook and Twitter

by Marco 17 September, 2009 View Comments

Thanks to the Internet a new social environment has taken shape in the past eight years. Far from the humble beginnings of web chat, and instant messaging, today's Social Web has exploded with sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Thanks to these technologies Web users now have an arsenal of forums where discussions can take place and ideas exchanged. This is the reason why Matt Baily is now on FaceBook and Twitter; to give our customers and friends a place to share their comments about our watches and jewelry, our store, and the all-around Matt Baily experience.

We have placed links on the top left of the blog to enable our customers and followers to join us on our social sites.

With our Facebook page, we hope to offer a place where people can share their thoughts and pictures about watches and jewelry that they love. "Fans" will be invited to future events at our boutique and exclusive contests that we will offer from time to time. The New Pieces tab will allows viewers to comment on new watches and jewelry that we have added to our site. You can post this info on your wall to share with others that may be interested, as a hint for people to know what you like, or to know what your friends and family think of a particular product.

Twitter offers the quickest way to stay up to date with the daily activity at Matt Baily. By subscribing to our Twitter feed, you will know whenever we receive new stock at the store, or if we add something new to our site, or if a celebrity walks through our doors.

Our most important asset are our customers, and we greatly treasure their feedback. We hope that through facebook and Twitter, we will be able to connect to our clientele and our friends and get to hear all that you have to say.

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