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Hamilton Electric Gets Cameo on AMC's Mad Men

by Marco 8 October, 2009 View Comments

I've only begun watching the show recently, but I gather that Mad Men is set in the business world of the sixties, when care free behaviour was at its prime. Smoking and drinking at the office was commonplace and the marketing industry was booming and taking shape. During this era the American watch industry was also in good shape with Hamilton as a key player. In the show's fifth episode of this season a Hamilton Electric makes a quick appearance.

The watch was seen for only a few seconds and from fairly far away. I would not have recognized it if the man wearing it did not mention that it said "Hamilton Electric" on the watch. On standard definition television, I could make out that the watch had a stepped bezel and a round case, but not with a high degree of certainty. It could therefore be the world's first electric watch, the Hamilton Electric 500. It could also have been a . Hamilton announced the first ever battery-operated watch in 1957.

Because the protagonist of Mad Men holds an executive position at a marketing company, the show often features products of the sixties. Some think this has increased the popularity of vintage items. David Colman of the New York Times, wrote an article on the subject. Hamilton watches have indeed been gaining in popularity in the past couple of years. It is possible that vintage styles such as those offered by the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono and Viewmatic are becoming popular again, but I think it has more to do with Hamilton watches' great value and timeless design.

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