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Review of the Bell & Ross Vintage 123 Collection

by Marco 22 October, 2009 View Comments

Before the BR-01 Instrument was released by Bell & Ross, their most popular watches were probably those in the Vintage collection. The Vintage 123 - thanks to its considerably smaller price tag than the BR Instruments and timeless styling and elegance of the Fifties and Sixties - is perfect for the first time buyer of luxury watches. The avid watch lover or collector will also find that it suits his or her desire for quality, tantalizing finish, and details.

The case of the Bell & Ross Vintage 123 is 40 mm in diameter and is finished with a fine satin brush polish. The back of the case offers a peek at the automatic movement and its components through a small window. When aligned with the window, the movement's rotor shows the engraving of the company's logo and fine Côte de Genève decoration. The manufacturing quality is evident when inspecting the finishes of the watch. The screw-locking crown is decorated with the ampersand and screws in and out smoothly and without much effort.

The strap chosen for the Vintage 123 are essential to determining its style. The Beige dial V123, for instance, comes with a matte finished dark brown leather strap that creates an understated casual look. The metal bracelet that fits the Vintage watches is a work of art in itself. It is sturdier than what you would expect from more expensive and older brands and it is so well machined and fits so perfectly within the lugs that is sometimes seems that it is integrated directly into the case. Equipping your V123 with the metal bracelet offers a more modern style. As it is so well made, the bracelet can last a very long time and is resistant to water and humidity unlike the leather straps.

The Vintage 123 watches are timepieces of the purest kind. There are no superfluous features or styling, and yet it is evident through their minute details and quality that much effort was dedicated to designing and perfecting the watches. This is a watch that offers fantastic value, will stay current forever, and embodies the basic principles of high-end watch making. In my opinion it is amongst the list of perfect watches.

More pictures of the Vintage 123 are available on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Bell & Ross watches.

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