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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

by Marco 14 January, 2010 View Comments

From Him, for Her


Jewelry is a classic Valentine's day present and for good reason. A piece of jewelry can show that you know her tastes and her personality. An endless variety of designs enables you to choose a piece that carries a specific meaning like a good luck charm or a symbolic number for example. It doesn't necessarily have to be deep, powerful symbolism to be memorable. On our fifth Valentine's Day together, I gave my girlfriend a 5-stack Pianegonda Bond ring. I gave her each component separately at different moments during our dinner and movie date to represent each year that we were together. It could have been five years, or five months. The bottom line is that my theatrics made the event meaningful and therefore memorable.

Franco Pianegonda Loving Hearts Ring AAFR0001Pianegonda is all about Love. They make this clear with their jewelry and even the names of their collections. It would almost seem like much of their jewelry is made exclusively for Valentine's Day! One of their newest pieces, a ring found in the Loving Hearts Collection, would be a perfect gift for a woman who has a weak spot for hearts and is accustomed to wearing wider rings and bands. For someone who prefers a more reserved style or who is less attracted to iconic symbols, Calgaro's Boheme earrings are meant to capture the freedom and vitality of a Bohemian lifestyle. If you don't think either of these items would properly portray the importance of your relationship, then gold and diamonds may suffice. Ron Hami's Diamond Carved 18 karat gold three-piece band is inspired by the forms of nature. Of course if you really want to put your all into your gift, there is no better way then to customize a unique design like one of these. Its not too late to do so in time for next month.

Flowers and Chocolate

This category is probably as old as St. Valentine himself. Regardless of this, it is a proven procurer of brownie points. Make sure that you include her favourite varieties in the bouquet. Exclude extremely fragrant ones if she is not too attracted by the smell of flowers. In my opinion there is only one place that you need to visit to get flowers in Montreal. That place is Fleuriste Gilchrist in Ogilvy.

A One-Night Hotel Getaway

There is nothing better or more romantic then taking a night off from the day-to-day, and Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to do so. Montreal has got some great hotels at prices that are low compared to many other major cities. A good idea is to let the experts organize a one-night local getaway that is tailored to her desires. A good place to start is by contacting a local luxury concierge service like Purple Tie.

... and a Few Ideas for the Ladies

Watch Accessories

Orbita Futura One Watch Winder Guys say that they are simple to please. While this is true in many respects, its not always the case when it comes to gifting. A safe bet is to offer accessories for items that he already has. If he has more then one automatic-winding watch, then consider an Orbita watch winder. With a winder he will not need to wind and set his watches each time he changes from one to the other.


Jewellery can be difficult to pick out for men. If you are confident that you know his tastes, we have several options that have made very successful gifts in the past. Sauro makes a wide assortment of bracelets that range from subtle to conspicuous. All Sauro bracelets offer extremely innovative designs, and these Italian-made pieces are perfect for guys that appreciate quality and luxury. DeMaria's Human Rights collection offers great rings for men. The HRA003 is a popular model, fashionable, and supports Amnesty International's cause to uphold Human Rights around the world.

Other Gift Ideas

Some of the better Valentine's Day gift ideas that apply for women apply for men too. A romantic night including dinner and a hotel suite in Old Montreal can be appreciated by both. Lingerie is a popular Valentine's Day gift that women receive, but lets face the fact that this is perfectly suited as a gift for men.


This year, when choosing a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one, remember that it truly is the thought that counts. You don't need to be extremely creative, a Don Juan, or a sugar daddy/mamma. Just make sure that your gift ideas represent something special about your relationship and they will well appreciated.

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