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The Three Bell & Ross Square BR Instrument Watches

by Marco 26 February, 2010 View Comments

Bell & Ross has always moved forward as a company, but it has done so in small(ish), cautious steps. This has been a key to their success and contrasts other companies like Frank Muller for instance, who's quick growth troubled them and saw thousands of their watches sold "dumped" on the grey market. The BR Instrument was an primary player in Bell & Ross' climb to fame. When it first came out it was embraced by watch lovers despite its squareness, size, and ultra-sporty, military styling. Once the watch's acceptance was evident, Bell & Ross branched into other versions of the Instrument including the smaller BR-03. Some successful experimentation with the ceramic and the BR-03 92 frame, eventually led to the creation of the BR-S ceramics. The trifecta was complete. These three different Instruments cover all the bases in terms of satisfying fans of the square Bell & Ross watches.

BR-01 - the Original Bell & Ross Instrument

When a watch is square, its increase in surface area makes the watch appear much larger then a round or tonneau watch of the same width. While there are no rules of who can wear the 46mm watch, one needs to be a fan of oversize timepepieces to love the Bell & Ross BR-01. There are many such aficionados. The BR-01 92 and 94s pushed the oversize watch style closer to being accepted as a mainstay in the timepiece landscape, but even when the BR-01s where avant-garde and new there was no lack of interested. I can remember selling quite a few to men and women. As may be expected, not only people passionate about large watches where attracted to the Instruments. The introduction of the 42mm-case BR-03s took care of them.

The original "Instrument" BR-01 92 and the 42mm BR-03 51 GMT in titanium and carbon fiber.


BR-03 - The Instrument Prince

Once the BR Instrument became a certain winner, Bell & Ross introduced its smaller brother - the BR-03. The BR-03 was received with enthusiasm by many. Contrary to the BR-01, nobody complained about its size and - for many - comparing it to the 46mm BR-01 led to the realization that they indeed liked the larger size better. The BR-03 Instruments opened the floodgates, and Bell & Ross' sporty, square timepieces became a sensation. Numerous variations of both sizes of the BR Instruments have been conceived by Bell & Ross since then. The variations of the BR-03, in line with the slightly more conservative nature of their target market, have been much more low-key and simple then the new BR-01 models. The BR-03 92 Ceramic was amongst these and - in my opinion - served to test the waters for Bell & Ross' next move for the square Instrument style - the BR-S.

The BR-03-92 Ceramic and the 38mm BR-S Ceramic White

BR-S - Smaller, Slimmer, Smarter

The Bell & Ross BR-01 and BR-03 Instruments, while easy to dress up with classy, elegant straps, gold, and diamonds, could not escape their sporty military roots. This is fine for the owners of these Bell & Ross watches, and probably the reason why they purchased their timepiece, but for those who seek more elegance the BR-S were conceived. The BR-03 Ceramic evolved into the white BR-S Ceramic and an entire collection spawned from it. At once elegant, fashionable, and true to the Instrument's imitation of aeroplane gauges, the BR-S collection is different enough to be enjoyed by fans of the original BR models and be noticed by fashion lovers that may not have otherwise be drawn to Bell & Ross watches.

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