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New Brand - Matt Baily Welcomes Pandora Jewellery

by Marco 13 April, 2010 View Comments

Advertisers and sales people often describe jewelry in the most dramatic and powerful ways, and link it to some of the most deeply rooted emotions that humans can feel. So much importance is put on the sentimental aspect of jewelry that we sometimes forget that the whole point is to have fun with it. Picking, purchasing, and wearing jewelry is supposed to be enjoyable and to allow the wearer to express herself. Pandora jewellery is a created with the intention of allowing the users to express themselves. Matt Baily is proud to welcome this eclectic brand into the store and we invite you to come discover it for yourself.

The way the collection is designed, one is basically free to build their own bracelets. A vast assortment of charms and beads are available in materials ranging from silver to 18 karat gold and gems. These charms can be mixed and matched on a base bracelet giving the owner freedom over the look and make-up of her bracelet. Since there are so many charms to choose from, most bracelets end up being completely unique.

My mother, to give an example, is an animal lover and adorned her bracelet exclusively with animal-shaped charms. Come this Mother's Day, I know exactly what to get her, as there are still quite a few animal-beads left for her to collect.

The best place to view the collection of Pandora bracelets and charms is at our boutique in Downtown Montreal, as we are a Gold dealer meaning that we are authorized to sell all the company's products. If you want to see them online, a visit to the Pandora Jewelry website is a great stop. You can even "build" your bracelet online using the "My Wish List" function and send the completed wishlist directly to info@mattbaily.ca for convenient ordering.

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