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New Hamilton Watches at Baselworld 2010 - Retro and Authentic

by Marco 26 April, 2010 View Comments

"An American Brand." Hamilton's moniker is derived from their origin as an important watch manufacturer in the United States, but also stipulates the look and feel of their timepieces. A classic, retro design is common amongst Hamilton watches and reflects the company's strength in the fifties and sixties, when Hamilton was a household name. Highlighting this distinct personality over the past few years has helped the brand return to notoriety, but this time all over the world. At Baselworld 2010, the new models that were displayed at the Hamilton booth varied considerably in style. Some round, some asymmetrical, some even digital. All, however, portray an authentic and clear connection to some aspect of the brand's storied past.

The Pulsomatic

The Pulsomatic was the most celebrated novelty displayed at Hamilton's Baselworld booth. The watch is an homage to the world's first watch to tell the time digitally, which was created by Hamilton exactly 40 years ago and named the Pulsar. The new Pulsomatic is encased in a stainless steel quasi-rectangular case as was the Pulsa, but differing in size with a width of 49mm and a height of 39mm. It is equipped with a sapphire crystal and a sapphire exhibition back. The back of the watch therefore offers a view of the automatic winding H1970 caliber movement. This unusual combination of mechanical winding and digital display is what gives the timepiece its name. The celebrated Pulsar plus an automatic movement equals the Pulsomatic. When fully charged, the specialized movement offers a power reserve of 82 days! Aside from the basic model, a black and a gold PVD treated variations will be produced. The Pulsomatic captures the innovative spirit that made Hamilton an important player in the watch industry.

Hamilton Pulsomatic in display at Baselworld 2010
From left to right: The vintage Pulsar inspired the Pulsomatic, Pulsomatic with black PVD coated case, Pulsomatic with stainless steel case and bracelet, view of the automatic-winding H1970 caliber movement

Hamilton Pulsomatic in display at Baselworld 2010
The Hamilton Pulsomatic

The Railroad Series

This will be a welcome addition to the American Classic Collection. The RailRoad series of watches takes the company back to its roots as an important provider of timepieces to the railroad industry in the late 19th century. The look of the new RailRoad watches is inspired by the pocket watches that the company manufactured in those days, and the resemblance is best seen in the chronograph version. The most obvious pocket-watch like aspect of the RailRoad Chronograph is its 46mm size. The applied, numeral hour markers are simple and clean and therefore easily legible as is important for any professionally geared time instrument. The screw-locking crown is shaped in a way that is also reminiscent of a pocket watch, albeit in an subtle way.

The shape of the case is quite striking and is accentuated by the sapphire crystal, who's magnifying glass is streamlined with the curves of the case. Aside from the Chronograph, 38mm and 44mm versions will also be available. The Hamilton Railroad series offers an every-day, high quality watch for anyone seeking luxury and a well balanced, elegant design.

Hamilton RailRoad Chronograph
The stately RailRoad Chronograph by Hamilton watches


Several new Jazzmaster models were unveiled at the Show. Staying in role with the Jazzmaster style, these new models offered clean, understated designs. The models that caught my eye were a series of squarish, pillow-shaped timepieces. Both a three-hand and chronograph version were presented and both are great for watch lovers that want to deviate from the traditional round watches without being obvious about it. The Hamilton Automatic is the other new model that both the brand's fans and general watch purists are sure to enjoy. This model, closely related to the Jazzmaster Viewmatic, is adorned with an extremely simple silver or black dial with applied numeral markers that mimic the simplistic elegance of timepieces of the sixties.

New Hamilton Jazzmaster Watches

Hamilton Lab

Every watch manufacturer wants to attract attention and impress watch enthusiasts. The best way to do this is by flexing their creative muscles to create unique and distinct concept models. Hamilton released several cool watches in this spirit.

The Hamilton Time Player is a square titanium watch with an uncanny resemblance to sliding puzzles that many of us loved as kids. This grownup's toy is based on the look of a clock designed by Hamilton for the Stanley Kubrik's 2001: A space Odyssey.

A white version of the Ventura XXL was amongst the off-beat Hamilton watches of Baselworld 2010. The asymmetrical stainless steel case is adorned with a white rubber strap and dial and is very well suited as an oversize piece for women as well as for male fashionistas. It will be unlikely to see these models live at the store on a regular day as they are sold exclusively through Hamilton's new Hamilton Lab web site.

Hamilton Concept Watches at Baselworld 2010
From left to right: Ventura XXL White, Timeplayer, ODC X-02

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