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Michele Watches Offers Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

by Marco 5 May, 2010 View Comments

When speaking of Mother's Day, Michele comes to mind. This is because this is the brand at Matt Baily that most often crosses generational lines. As many Michele watches were purchased by parents for their daughters is as many that have been chosen by men and women as gifts for their mothers.

The reason why Michele watches are so well accepted by all age groups is that they capture both classic and modern aspects of design. Michele's Deco Collection, for example, is a namesake for the Art Deco design movement of the Thirties and Forties. The angular design of the timepieces pay homage to this vintage style, but the watches are also infused with modern elements like a larger size and better quality materials. The prices of the watches, start at CDN $595. They are accessible without sacrificing luxury.

Michele's innovative strap system, allows anyone to change the band on their watch at home and without tools. A wealth of colour and materials is available to choose from. Michele watch enthusiasts revel in the endlessness of the combinations. The straps range between $50 and $300 and their obvious, hand-stitched quality makes them fantastic gift ideas as well.

More information on Michele watches and straps is available at the Matt Baily boutique or on the official Michele website.

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