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Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic For the Mother of Your Children

by Marco 6 May, 2010 View Comments

After the children's celebration of Mother's Day, featuring cards adorned with macaroni, breakfasts in bed, and adorable proud faces how does one show his appreciation for the mother of his children? A beautiful, luxury Bell & Ross watch like those in the BR-S Ceramic collection is a decisively good start!

The BR-S Ceramic models are an elegant, light take on the BR-Instruments. While retaining the rugged, professional spirit of the BR-Instrument's square, utilitarian case, the BR-Ses are infused with elegance. The light ceramic material offers a very fine, glossy finish, and a warm tone. The 38mm square case is very low profile and delicate. The word slim is what is represented by the S within the name of these watches, as they are the slimmest of the BR Instruments. The BR-S Ceramic timepieces abandon the sporty demeanour of the other square BR Instruments and take the form of a luxurious, wrist-worn jewelry.

The Ceramic BR-S models are available in white or black ceramic and may be adorned with a row of top-quality, full-cut, natural diamonds on the bezel. The Phantom BR-S models, available in white or black, add a playful twist to the design by being completely monochromatic.

In the case of teenage or grownup children Mother's Day celebrations will likely be more serious. Macaroni probably does not figure on the cards and breakfast in bed is perhaps swapped for a gift. What stays the same is your appreciation for her and Bell & Ross offers various, perfect ways, to embody it into a memorable and long lasting Mother's Day gift.

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Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic White with Diamonds
The Bell & Ross BR-S Ceramic White with Diamonds

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