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Harrison Ford, Conservation International, and Hamilton Introduce the Khaki Team Earth Auto Collection

by Marco 8 May, 2010 View Comments

A continued collaboration between Harrison Ford and Hamilton has produced a new collection of environmentally aware timepieces. The Khaki Team Earth collection, based on a classic aviator style is meant to raise awareness for Conservation International, an organization who strives to empower communities to protect biodiversity and the environment.

Last year Hamilton introduced the Khaki Conservation, the first fruit of the cooperation between the brand, Harrison Ford, and Conservation International. In my interview with Matthias Breschan, president of Hamilton, he informed me that the Conservation series was a success beyond anyone's expectations. Surely, this is due to the attractive and unique design of the watches as much as the social awareness aspect. The same horological allure holds true with the Khaki Team Earth collection. The models are reminiscent of classic aviator watches, done elegantly and simply. The dial displays beige, numeral hour markers to simulate ageing, but are highly luminescent. The same paint is applied to the stylized hands which match the vintage-like style of the hour markers.

In contrast with the original pilot watches that the Team Earth collection is inspired from, the quality of the materials used is much higher. The crystal, for instance, is made of scratch resistant synthetic sapphire instead of acrylic plastic. Modern watch movements ensure more reliability than ever. The Team Earth watches run on Swiss-made automatic movements made by ETA. Thanks to improved, modern manufacturing techniques, Hamilton fans can enjoy the attractive, clean styles of the past with added reliability.

The Hamilton Khaki Team Earth watches are the name sakes of a Conservation International initiative. Visiting the dedicated web site at www.teamearth.com, I discovered that the notion is as simple and classic as the watch that represents it. Team Earth is the idea that we are all part of the same team and that we each have the power to help the environment by choosing to do more of the positive actions and less of the negative stuff in our daily routine.

The Hamilton Khaki Team Earth watches are beautifully styled, manufactured with high-quality components, and "democratically" priced under CND $1000. The fact that they support the conservation of our environment may only come to mind after their attractive horological qualities. Perhaps this is what Harrison Ford, Conservation International, and Hamilton hope to achieve.

For more information contact Matt Baily - Montreal, QC Canada.

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