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Michele Watches Tahitian Jelly Bean - Playful Luxury

by Marco 13 May, 2010 View Comments

Michele watches just got even more fun with the addition of a new colourful collection. The Tahitian Jelly Bean collection is "as undeniably fun as [it] is luxurious." The collection is made up of six colour variations are priced bellow $400 in Canada.

The Tahitian Jelly Beans are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel and adorned with a soft, rubber strap and a bezel of matching colour. The diameter of the case, without measuring the crown, is 36mm. Browsing through catalogues Michele watches and other similar brands it is clear that this size is no longer considered large, but common on watches for women. The colourful nature and the size of the watches should be a welcome addition to any casual, summer wardrobe.

The Jelly Bean watches run on a precision, quartz, chronograph movement with a date function. The battery operated mechanism is configured to display the stop watch seconds in the centre and its minute counter on the top-left subsidiary dial. The top right sub dial displays the seconds of the time, while the date is indicated at six o'clock on a circular scale rather than the traditional window. The dial is made of white enamel. Steel numeral hour markers are applied to it. Like the hour markers, the hands are high polished steel, which matches the glossy enamel dial to create a touch of elegance for the overall sporty nature of the Jelly Beans.

The Tahitian Jelly Beans mirror a strong current inclination of watch designers to mix rubber, plastic, ceramic, and other non precious metals other than steel into luxury timepieces. While this has been done for many years by companies such as Technomarine, who pioneered the idea, it is starting now to be accepted by the majority of watch lovers. Furthermore, these "new" materials offer advantages such as improved durability in certain cases, and the ability to display a wider, more vibrant colour palette.

Michele watches have always captured essential aspects of classic watchmaking and fashion. Quality manufacturing and influence from vintage stylistic movements are examples. But what makes them so enjoyable to wear is their fun, modern character. The Tahitian Jelly Beans lean strongly towards the fun part without abandoning the elegant spirit of the Ceramic Tahitian watches that inspired them.

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