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Message from Newest Baily Blogger Jason

by Jason 21 May, 2010 View Comments

Greetings all and welcome to the inaugeraul post of Matt Baily's newest blogger/employee - Jason Cormier.

I'm far from the prototypical watch enthusiast. I studied history and art history at McGill and St Francis Xavier, and I have done everything from selling phones to fixing antique motorcycles. I am the literal jack-of-all trades. My latest path in life has taken me into the field of jewellery and watches. I worked in New Brunswick for a period of time, learning the diamond trade and working with some big-name watches. Now I have settled back into my favourite city, Montreal, to sell watches - one of my passions, among many.

I cut my teeth when I was young reading various photo mags and drooling over haut de gamme timepieces, absorbing every detail whether visual or technical. In more recent years I've honed my skills as an artist, a mechanic, and a historian. I like to think that all three of these skill sets fit nicely into an appreciation of fine watches - the design and art of Swiss watchmaking, the mechanical heart of every fine watch, and the history behind great names and models.

Over the next months I will be contributing to this blog by giving overviews and impressions of some of the watches we have in stock. I hope to convey my love of the art, mechanics and history behind some of the watches that pass through my hands. And in so doing, I hope to inspire you to come visit us and handle some of these fine timepieces - and perhaps leave with one on your wrist. My goal is to show you that these watches are much more than keepers of time. They are art for the wrist.

So watch this space for my personal take on some of the interesting pieces we have here in store. I look forward to sharing my passion with the blogosphere.

Jason Cormier

From now on, you can browse through all of Jason's Baily Blog posts on his author profile page.

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