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Matt Baily Welcomes Marvin Watches to Canada

by Marco 8 June, 2010 View Comments

Matt Baily is now the first, retailer of Marvin Watches in Canada in decades. Marvin Watch Co. carries a very long history and have produced millions of watches over the span of centuries. We are excited about this brand, because it matches the unique personality of our boutique. While luxurious and of high Swiss-grade quality, Marvin watches focus on value and creativity.

Marvin Watch Co. has a history that dates back over 150 years. It was owned and operated by the founding family for four generations. An American business partner, who joined the operation during this stage, helped make the watches popular in North America. The name of the company was changed to this gentleman's name, Marvin, early in the 1900s. Many of the company's vintage creations, dating as far back as the nineteenth century, still exist today. Marvin Watch Co. has an enjoyable "museum" section on their website displaying some great examples. During the 1970s, when the advent of quartz made life difficult for the manufacturer and Marvin Watch Co. was sold to a holding group. In 2002 the company moved again to independent owners and a team of dynamic, skilled professionals began restoring its original status and philosophy.

Marvin Watches are defined by a design principle that is heavily influenced by vintage styles. The collection is much more than re-edition of old models, however. Marvin puts a lot of effort towards creating innovative, new styles. The M014 series is an example that has gotten a lot of attention from the press. It is a large rectangular watch. While it displays many traditional design aspects like perlage finish on the dial or the sliding hour ring, it is put together in a very modern style case measuring 50mm in height and 38mm in width. The strap is also wider and thicker than you would find on traditional pieces.

The M014 also demonstrates the playful side of Marvin Watch Co. The original founders of the company hid away a secret many years ago. This secret was passed down from generation to generation and is now safely in the hands of the present CEO, Cécile Maye. Every Marvin watch is a reminder of the existence of this secret, which is presumably related to the number eight, as every model incorporates eight hidden features. One example is the second crown on the M014. It serves no technical function, but is placed there for an aesthetic balance. It also serves as one of the eight hidden "secrets." A look at the M108 Origin Watches reveals another one of these mysterious markings. The eight o'clock hour marker is red. Not much was made of this long lasting family secret at Baselworld 2010, where the company presented us with their watches. This is probably because it is still several decades away from being revealed.

Marvin Watch Co. is a welcome addition to Matt Baily's lineup. It is well suited for our tastes and those of our customers, who seek high-grade, unique, luxury items. The company's skilled, motivated team is able to draw inspiration from its long history to create wonderful items that are priced very well.

There are several ways to stay up-to-date with new models and events regarding Marvin watches. You can subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe to the Baily Blog, or become a fan of our Facebook page. You can also see the watches live at a fashion event hosted by Dress to Kill this Thursday, June 10 in Montreal. More event details here.

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