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Hamilton Khaki Pilot 46mm Automatic Video Review

by Marco 10 June, 2010 View Comments

Hamilton watches have a lot of history making watches for the military and specifically for pilots, so the release of the Khaki Pilot was not a huge surprise. There are certain styles that have become so classic and so embedded in our perception of what a watch should look like, that it is hard for companies to ignore them. The "Big Pilot" is one of these styles. Hamilton has taken this style and infused many of their trademark features into it, notably great value, and a clean design that bridges the gap between vintage and new, and between sporty and elegant.

Some of the details on the Khaki Pilot 46mm Automatic that struck me are worth looking out for in order to appreciate these fine watches. The dial is simple, bold, and easy to read, but upon closer inspection is quite detailed. While the five-minute markers are obvious, the graduated ring indicating the hours is less evident. What is ingenious is the way Hamilton designers have skeletonized, or cut-out the hands to align perfectly with the time markings. The way the five-minute markers are applied to the face of the watch is another nice feature. The raised, steel numerals add an elegant twist to the otherwise sporty look of the Khaki Pilot.

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