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Video Review of New Hamilton Seaview Medium Automatic Watches

by Marco 11 June, 2010 View Comments

During my visit to the headquarters of Hamilton Watches, there were several new models that really impressed me. Two amongst these are for women. The RailRoad 38mm, which I will be posting a video of as we get closer to its release date, was one. The other was the Jazzmaster Seaview Medium that I will be presenting on this Baily Blog post.

Hamilton has done a very good job with their automatic ladies' models this year. The market for these items is still quite niche, but as was pointed out to me, this could be because of the lack of offerings. While men now have a decent variety of Swiss made, mechanical models to choose from for under $1000, the choices for women in that price range are few. Hamilton is betting that once women get a taste for mechanical, they will be hooked as we men are. I personally would be glad if more women became watch enthusiasts, because as much as timepieces are often considered toys for boys, they look a hell of a lot better on women!

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Seaview Medium 37mm is a watch that can easily suit any occasion and therefore makes a great everyday timepiece. The glossy finish of the case and elegant dial mean that you can dress up with the Seaview on your wrist. Features like a water resistance rating of 100 meters and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal make the watch just as ideal for the beach. Hamilton also incorporated a system of pushers in the metal bracelet that makes it very easy to interchange between it and the rubber or leather straps made for the Seaview. This function, which is demonstrated in the video review below, offers even more adaptability.

The Seaview Medium runs on a Swiss ETA movement, the 2824-2. This work horse mechanism has been used by some of the most well known brands over several decades, and has proven its reliability countless of times. Thanks to the weighted rotor, which is decorated with the Hamilton logo and visible through the watches exhibition back, the watch will keep itself wound and run smoothly as long as it is being worn. Once off the wrist, a fully charged Seaview Medium will run for roughly 38 hours thanks to the 2824's power reserve. The allure of such mechanical movements is related to their longevity as well as the connection they embody to the five-hundred year old history of watchmaking. Under proper care a 2824 calibre movement can easily last a lifetime.

This blog entry is part of a series of videos and articles presenting this year's newest and most exciting Hamilton watches. To read the whole series please visit www.mattbaily.ca/blog/tag/hamilton_visit_2010/

The white version of the Seaview 37mm comes with three interchangeable bracelets and straps.

Next up: Hamilton JazzMaster Slim Small Seconds. On the Baily Blog tomorrow.

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