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Video Review of New Alpina Extreme Diver w/ Colour Dials

by Marco 17 June, 2010 View Comments

What makes a watch successful? Sometimes it is advertising, sometimes it is the brand name, but sometimes it is because the watch is a great timepiece and offers great value. The Alpina Extreme Diver models have made many watch buyers very happy since their release a little over a year ago. Despite being amongst the most expensive, non-manufacture models in the collection, you are getting a lot of quality and style for the money. Early in 2010 several new variations have been added in the collection. I was invited to play with them at Alpina headquarters in Geneva, where I shot a video review for MattBaily.ca.

The Extreme Divers are robust and cool. They incorporate several noteworthy features. The dial, which has been made available with orange, yellow, blue, and black hands and markers, is impressively easy to read. The clean design is bold and simple, but is actually adorned with some pretty intricate details that are clearly visible in the HD video below. In the centre, Alpina designers have put a triangular, tiled pattern. The hour markers are slightly raised for relief.

The stainless steel case, which is blackened via the PVD process for all the coloured dial variations, also offers a few interesting details. The rugged bezel is uni-directional and ratcheted like all true diver's watches. The graduations, representing mostly ten-minute intervals, are black, but treated with phosphorescent paint in order to be visible in the underwater darkness. The effect of the black markings is most dramatic on the all-black version of the Extreme Diver.

The exhibition back also sets the Extreme divers apart from most other diving watches. It is rare to see sapphires crystals fitted to the back of this type of watch. All crystals must be very thick in order to withstand massive pressure deep under water, and the Extreme Divers are rated for 1000 meters. This feat is welcome as the automatic AL-525 calibre movement is very well finished and a pleasure to look at.

Do you see a video embedded here? If not, view it at the original post.

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