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Video Review of New Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Phantom

by Marco 23 June, 2010 View Comments

Perhaps the most popular Bell & Ross watch last year was the BR 03-92 Phantom. To follow up that success, the company released the chronograph version of the 42mm Phantom this year. The name derives from the fact that these watches are theoretically invisible. All the elements including the hour markers and hands are jet black. If it were not for the slight relief and difference in textures of the components of the face, the time would be illegible during the day. Once the shock caused by the odd dial wears off, however, the time is rather clear. In the dark a bright contrast is offered by the highly luminescent markers, which glow with a strong, dark green light. This monochromatic style was developed by Bell & Ross as an homage to military stealth, but ironically works very well at attracting the gaze of curious watch enthusiasts.

During my visit to the HQ of Bell & Ross, the BR 03-94 Phantom was one of the models showcased. I captured the meeting on video and posted it below for Baily Blog readers to enjoy. During the second half of the clip, we get an explanation of how limited production defers from limited edition. The original Phantom, the 46mm BR 01 92 Phantom, was limited to only 500 pieces and has been one of the rarest Bell & Ross watches ever released. The new, 42mm Phantoms will be part of the regular B&R collection, but no less desirable.

In May, I entered a post into the Baily Blog to introduce the BR 03-94 to readers. More details can also be found on the product page.

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