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Simple Does Not Mean Unremarkable - The Marvin Watch Co presents M108 Origin

by Marco 2 July, 2010 View Comments

Closeup of Marvin M108Marvin Watch Co° may strike many in North America as a new brand, but in reality it has a very long and eventful history. Many of their vintage creations, from as far back as the early Twentieth century, are still ticking today on the wrists of collectors or at the Marvin castle in Neuchatel, Switzerland. When it became official that Matt Baily would be an authorized retailer for this fine brand, we posted an article presenting Marvin Watch Co° on the Baily Blog. The company takes great pride in their history and many Marvin watches are created to reflect this heritage. The Marvin M108, dubbed the Origin, is a perfect example of this. It captures subtle hints of vintage elegance and mixes them within a contemporary package.

The name of the Marvin M108 Origin refers to horological history, which is the basis for the M108 concept. The key for Marvin designers was to capture the timeless elegance of vintage wrist watches. The stainless steel case embodies most of these traits. The M108 sports a very slim bezel, which offers an elegant simplicity. It means that there is less hard metal on the face of the watch and a wider surface for the dial. The crown, somewhat along the same lines, is low in profile in order to hug the case and avoid disrupting the balance of the circular case. The crown is still quite large so that it maintains the nice proportion of the M108. The lugs are quite thin and long, reminiscent of the fine wrist watches of the sixties. The dial is rather modern with its bold hour markers and irregular date aperture, but the simple baton hands are a page out of horological design 101.

The dial of the M108 juxtaposes the steel case. With its big, clearly marked hour markers it seems more intended for a sporty pilot watch, but conservative simplicity is the essence of elegance and this is captured well by the face of the watch. The different versions of the Origin are the basic model with white numeral hour markers, and three models with orange, blue, or black markers. Regardless of what colour is used, all the hour markers are phosphorescent, emitting a strong glow. The all-black dial is made even more dramatic by matching it with a black stainless steel case. The steel is blackened with the PVD process, which fuses a small layer of metallic particles to the surface of the case. The all-black style is quite remarkable and it is no wonder that it has become a popular niche since brands like Bell & Ross pioneered it a few years ago.

Four versions of the M108 by Marvin Watch Co.

Marvin watches have always put a lot of emphasis on value. The M108 Origin is exemplary of the Marvin ideology. The self-winding Sellita SW200 calibre movement that powers the watch is a fine specimen of Swiss manufacturing. It offers a 38-hour power reserve and is equipped with 26 jewels. Another important quality feature is the sapphire crystal of the watch. The hardness of synthetic sapphire is particularly important when the bezel is as thin as on the M108 as it offers the crystal slightly less protection.

The Marvin M108 Origin is steeped in watchmaking history. It offers a quality mechanism, elegant features, and a characteristic contemporary overall style. As with all Marvin timepieces, watch enthusiasts are offered great value with the attractive M108 collection.

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