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Review of Marvin Watch Co° M112 - Inspired By A Great Past

by Marco 12 July, 2010 View Comments

Marvin watch from 1963 behind 2010 M112 watchWhen a watch company has a very long history, its designers can draw much inspiration from past models. It also means that the new designs that use the styles of the past are authentic, as the inspiration comes from the company's own designs. Marvin Watch Co° has been manufacturing timepieces for more than a century. Their designs have spanned all the eras since the wristwatch became fashionable at the turn of the Twentieth century. Aspects of vintage styles can be found in all of the current Marvin watches. The M112 is no different. Although it offers many aspects of modern horology, the design is steeped in the elegance typical of timepieces from the Fifties and Sixties.

During the 1950s and Sixties, the typical everyday watch was rather elegant. Characteristic of those days was a thin bezel and an understated dial adorned with baton hands and hour markers. Baton hands are simply straight lines and often have a small amount of luminous material applied to them for the evening. Similarly shaped hour markers, applied directly to the dial are also indicative of those times. The watches in the M112 collection display both these characteristics on its dial. The double-index markers at twelve, three, six, and nine o'clock concord with the lines separating the quadrants of the face. All this amounts to a really timeless watch face.

It is a good thing that the face of the Marvin M112 watches looks so good, because it is, by far, the most prevalent feature of the watch. This is caused by the size of the case and its bezel. The stainless steel case is 44mm wide, which is substantial for an elegant model. The bezel that surrounds the dial is very thin, however, leaving much of the area of the watch face to the dial. The rest of the elements of the case follow suit. The crown, fluted and engraved with the company's logo, is quite low profile. It hugs the case in order to preserve balance and does not detract attention from the beautiful dial. The lugs, which secure the 22mm wide strap, are similarly slim. The case and dial are strongly influenced by styles of fifty years ago, but Marvin Watch Co° is proud of its innovative spirit as much as it is of its roots, and this translates into the contemporary features of the M112.

The most noticeable change between modern watches for men and those of the Fifties and Sixties is the size. A 35-37mm diameter was considered the average in the past, while the 44mm M112 is not even considered oversized today. A nice wide, 22mm strap is fitted to the watche. The black leather is contrasted by the red lining on its underbelly. Unlike the traditional spring pin system that needs to be wedged loose with a knife, all Marvin straps feature a small push button used to remove and replace bands without the use of tools. As styles change over time, technology does too. The slightly raised crystal, once constructed out of transparent plastic, is made using synthetic sapphire. This advancement benefits watches immensely as it makes the glass incredibly hard to scratch. A see-through pane is fitted to the back of the case as well in order to offer a view of the Swiss-made, mechanical movement.

The Marvin M112 watches are classic. They portray the heritage of a great, old company. They also embrace what modern luxury watch enthusiasts have come to love: a larger size, quality, and value. Two steel variations are available with white or black dial, and one model plated with rose gold for a very elegant touch.

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