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5 Great Summer Luxury Watches at Matt Baily

by Marco 15 July, 2010 View Comments

The summer is a great time for watch enthusiasts. Coats are gone, sleeves are short, and wrists are naked and in plain view. Not only is your watch more evident, but this gives you the opportunity to peruse other people's wrists; something like a watch buffet. For a timepiece to be a good fit for this season it has to go with the feel, colour, and fun of summer, and it has to be suited for activities like swimming, travelling, or enjoying the cool evening breeze with friends. In this article I have chosen five Matt Baily watches that make fine luxury accessories for the summer.

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BR 03-94 Heritage

Like all the Bell & Ross BR Instruments, the BR 03-94 Heritage is a watch that you want people to see. It is not conspicuous, but it offers a remarkable style that is well balanced and simple. As good as this 42mm square watch can look poking out from under the cuff of your shirt, it looks even better when the contrast between black and beige is fully displayed on your wrist. This brings up an important aspect of great summer watches, the strap. A tanned leather band like the one on the Bell & Ross Heritage watches, feels summery and light. Furthermore, all of the brand's BR Instruments come with a secondary strap and specialized tools to interchange between it and the original. In the case of the BR 03-94 Heritage, the secondary strap is of black rubber. A quick swap and the watch, which boasts a water resistance rating of 100 meters, is ready for a relaxing day at a waterfront near you.

Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Heritage

Alpina Avalanche Extreme Auto w/ Black PVD

Summer activities play a big role in our love for the hot season. A timepiece that is suitable for all these and also for more formal events would be a reasonable addition to this list. All Alpina watches in the Extreme collection are designed to be as rugged as they are beautiful. They are all awarded with a water resistance rating of at least 100 meters and come fitted with a rubber strap. The Avalanche Extreme Auto with black PVD is particularly well rounded. The large, decorated crown is screw locking and the watch has a water resistance rating of 200 meters. This designation means that the Avalanche Extreme Auto can not only be submerged in water, but is suitable for recreational water sports like water skiing, wind-surfing, and very light diving. The rubber strap is very comfortable and dries quickly, so you can take the watch from the beach to the restaurant. Thanks to the stylish design of this 48mm Alpina timepiece it can be worn for a multitude of occasions all through the summer.

Avalanche Extreme Auto. With original dial (left) and numeral dial (right)Avalanche Extreme Auto. With original dial (left) and numeral dial (right)

Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim 43 With a Milanese Bracelet

There is a definitive style for summer apparel. It is light in colour and in feel, and simplicity often dominates regardless of how bold the design may be. Hamilton's Jazzmaster Slim 43 collection captures the simple elegance of vintage watches from the sixties, and fuses it with contemporary size and technology. The model that particularly stands out as the perfect summer watch is the one with a silver dial and the Milanese strap. The Milanese strap is a modernized version of the metal mesh bracelets that were once welded to the case of watches. The mesh strap adds a fashionable, elegant aspect to the Slim 43, but allows air to pass through it unlike bracelets made with wide, solid links. I always have visions of tennis players from the Sixties and Seventies when dealing with this watch. Their style was light, airy, and summery for the sake of performance, but also a basis for the design of much fashionable apparel.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim 43 with Milanese Strap

U-Boat Classico CAS 2

Large watches love summer. There are less shirt cuffs to impede and a naked wrist is a far better stage than one that is covered with a jacket or coat. The U-Boat Classico Chronograph Automatic Steel (CAS) Beige is amongst these large, luxury timepieces. As mentioned before, lighter colours are ideal for summer, matching the lighter moods of people. The Classico CAS 2 is fitted with a beige dial and a tan, leather strap. Rubber straps are also available for these models, which are tested for a 100m water resistance rating. The Classico CAS is available in 45 or 53mm. However large the diameter of these watches is, a large wrist is not a prerequisite. A few women, for example, wear the 53mm Classicos, and for good reason. It looks really great.

U-Boat Classico CAS 2

Hamilton Seaview Medium Automatic 37 - For Women

Considering that some women have no qualms about wearing 53mm U-Boat watches, it is clear that the days when ladies' watches had to be tiny and fragile are over. For 2010, Hamilton considerably expanded their offerings of automatic, luxury watches for women. Amongst the new models, the Seaview Medium Automatic, in particular the variation with a white dial, is perfectly adapted for the summer. The company describes it as a timepiece for busy individuals, but these "action-packed agendas" eventually give way to summer vacation, to which the Seaview Medium is well adapted. It offers a robust water resistance rating of 200 meters, suitable for swimming and light water sports. A white rubber bracelet completes the impermeability of the piece. The white dial Seaview Medium is delivered in a special presentation case that also includes a white leather strap and a metal bracelet. All the straps an bracelets are equipped with pushers so that they can be interchanged easily by hand, a feature appropriate for such a versatile watch.

Summer is here. We can forget our parkas and insulated boots, and feel free and airy within our warm-weather-wear. Short sleeves make wearing our watches more enjoyable. The hot months are the best time to adorn our favourite timepieces.

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