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Pandora Jewelry Shop-In-Shop at Matt Baily Boutique

by Jason 11 September, 2010 View Comments

Fall is just around the corner, which means back to school, back from vacation, and welcoming one of Canada's prettiest seasons.  And soon, it will announce the arrival of the Pandora Shop in Shop at Matt Baily's!

Pandora Jewelry is currently the third largest jewellery company in the world. Providing the best quality in handcrafted charms and jewellery it's no wonder that Pandora aims to be number one in the next two years.

Pandora concept stores specialize in Pandora. We at Matt Baily are happy to announce that we will become the next best thing – we will be opening a Pandora Shop in Shop.

In addition to carrying a large selection of Moments charms, Stories and Compose jewellery, Love Pod 18k gold jewellery, and the Ring upon Ring pieces we will be carrying Pandora's new collections that will be arriving in the near future!

So be sure to check out our new and beautiful Pandora Jewelry Shop in Shop space at the Matt Baily in Montreal QC, Canada!

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