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Tonnes of New Watches At The Boutique This Fall

by Jason 24 September, 2010 View Comments


We here at Matt Baily are eagerly awaiting a slew of new models from our top brands. This fall is going to be an exciting time for us, with many of our brands releasing stunning new designs and updates of old favourites. Here are just some of the new developments at Matt Baily:

Bell & Ross

This fall will mark the release of several highly anticipated Bell & Ross watches. Chief among these is the newly revamped Vintage line – featuring a larger 41mm case size, updated dials and hands, and a new selection of straps, the new Vintage line keeps the existing style and kicks it up to keep up with the rest of the B&R range. In particular, we are looking forward to the Vintage Heritage models, styled after the very successful Instrument Heritage collection – these new V123 Heritage and V126 Heritage Chrono models will feature carbon black cases, black and beige Heritage dials and hands, domed sapphire crystals, and the signature Heritage tan leather strap.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Ceramic

On the Instrument side, we are expecting the new 42mm BR03-92 Military Ceramic very soon. This all new model takes over from the now discontinued BR03-92 Military, and ups the ante by featuring a solid matte finish olive-drab ceramic case. Durable and understated, the green ceramic case is matched to a green tinted sapphire crystal to tone down the colour of the dial – true to the military moniker, this is a camouflaged watch.

U – Boat

This month, we will be receiving one of our most anticipated U-Boat watches – the U-42. Based on Ilvo Fontana’s original (unproduced) design for the Italian Navy, this model features a beefy 53mm titanium case with some very cool features. In fact, this is the second time Ilvo’s grandson Italo has made this design – the first was the massive 65mm and ultra-exclusive U-1942 produced in extremely limited numbers (29 to be exact). The U-Boat U-42 is a downsized (but still massive) U-1942 that still retains all the cool style of the original. The rotating bezel features a locking mechanism on the side of the case, and the crown is designed as an extra long folding arm that locks down when not in use. Match this to a clean luminescent dial and a fine leather strap and you have an instant classic, and a collectible too – only 999 pieces of each automatic model will be produced. Get yours while you can, because the U-42 is going to be a hot seller.

U-Boat U-42 Limited Edition


If classic design is more your thing, we have something new from Marvin Watch Co° that will surely impress. The Malton 160 collection has arrived to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Marvin brand. Featuring clean, classic lines in a modern 42mm size, the Malton line uses sculpted and highly detailed cases married to elegant dials. The Malton Round collection uses automatic and high-precision quartz movements in a variety of models – big date, power reserve, regulator and a classic three hand with date. These models may look expensive, but Marvin is all about value – for a very reasonable price you get a beautiful, well-finished Swiss watch with unique design and a lot of history.

In addition to the Malton Round collection, Marvin will be releasing the Malton Cushion series to satisfy your sporty side. Featuring angular cushion shaped cases with round dials, these models hark back to the best designs of the 1970s. Designed by the man responsible for the Monaco V4 and Cabestan high-complication watches, these models will be available in a variety of variation. Automatic, quartz, chronograph, and several limited editions – there will be a Marvin Malton for any taste, any function, and any desire.

Marvin Watch Co Malton Models

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